All Natural Hog Bristle & Beech wood
Block Scrub Brush
Perfect for cleaning Rasps or bushing dust wile filing teeth

Handel: 2-1/2" x 1-3/8"

Rows of bristle: 5 x 9

Trim Length: 5/8"

Not all habits are bad ones, and this one I can't take credit for however I’m happy to pass it on. In Short BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

Your mom told you for years and now I’m telling you the same. These little brushes once in hand you’ll find lots of uses for and I’ve listed some of the popular ones I’ve found I searched around quite a bit to find one all natural and made in the USA. The over all quality of materials used is quite high the manufacture has been making standard and special brushes since 1951. Looking at the picture you'll note the wood is even quarter sawn.

Some popular uses include:

• Brush metal dust when filing handsaws in vise.

• cleaning wood rasps (files). A metal file card is way too abrasive.

• Brushing teeth of saw after use. Sawdust carries moisture putting it away dusty will increase the rusting process. Sawdust in softer wood and fine tooth saw will slowdown and reduce cut quality. Think about that next time you cut 10 dovetails.

• Cleaning soft skinned vegetable (Mine you not the same brush! you use on your saw!)

The Sale includes a single Brush the other items in the pictures are to illustrate some uses only.

WHY HOG BRISTLE YOU ASK: Although relatively scarce and expensive this material has characteristics that set it apart as the best natural filling material for a wide variety of uses. Each strand of bristle has a natural taper from the butt or flesh end to the tip, giving it resilience not found in other hairs. In addition, the tip end of each bristle is naturally split into two or more branches called the flag.

Hog bristle has a slightly stiff to very stiff texture, brown or black in color plus excellent durability and water resistance. Its also widely used where static build up is an issue.The brushes and made in the USA in California.

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For those of you learning to sharpen, my recent post is about dealing with broken teeth.

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