• Image of Replacement springs for Stanley No.42X Saw Set

New Stanley 42x Saw Set Replacement springs
Made in the USA
Sale is for 2 replacement springs only NOT the saw set
To the best of my knowledge they will only fit Stanley 42x saw sets


• 2 springs: inner and outer

• A printed set of color easy to follow instructions.

• A printed set of Original Stanly instruction for the use of the 42X

Most Stanley 42X saw sets are sold through the vintage market, the seller has never used, or tested it regardless of the selling price.

Over the year I've hunted for a replacement before contacting a local US spring manufacture (Murphy & Read Spring Manufacturing Co) to making replacement springs based on testing of good Spring from a few sets

Installation of the springs is straight forward, no special tool needed. With the included instructions most take about 15-30 minutes.

After selling out the original run I took the opportunity to make improvements based on feedback. The inner, smaller spring is untouched but the outer spring is 25% to help with return rate and resistance. The size and installation remains the same

About the Manufacture: Alexander Murphy and John Read established Murphy & Read Spring Manufacturing Co. in 1917 in Philadelphia, PA. Read had been trained as a locksmith in England but was unable to find work in his native country. He immigrated to America as an indentured servant to a butcher. He later met Murphy, also a locksmith, and they started a small service company specializing in locks, keys and springs. In talking with them it's quite possible they produced springs for Stanley.

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