Please contact me with any questions about my process or pricing. Final pricing is done once saw is received and before any work is done.

Hand Sharpening includes setting, jointing and sharpening rip or crosscut. Prices do vary depending on condition so please contact if need be
Handsaws - $60-80
Backsaws 12 inches or less - $50
Backsaws over 12 inches - $70
Miter saws - $80

Hand and Mechanical Saw Plate Re-toothing
Foley Automatic Re-toother: rip or crosscut profiles 4.5-16ppi - $30.00
Hand Re-toothing backsaws - $50
Hand Re-toothing handsaws - $85-100
(re-toothing does not include sharpening)

Repairs & Restoration:
Tote repair - $email with pic
Tote cracks - $15 to $40, includes finishing
Saw plate – re-filing nib: $25

Backsaws plate replacement
steel plate installed - $70-$100
(Plate replacement does not include sharpening)

Saw plate with light rust - $40, includes polishing and waxing
Saw plate with heavy rust - $50, includes polishing and waxing
Saw tote and nuts - $20, includes oiling and waxing tote and cleaning saw nuts

Second Chance Saw Works
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