• Image of Handsaws Catalogue reprint Disston & Keystone Saw works 1876

Henry Disston & Sons
Keystone Saw Tool, Steel & File Works
Price-List (Catalogue) January 1st, 1876
Reprinted Athol, Massachusetts 1994

BRAND NEW OLD STOCK (of reprint)

Paper back 86 pages 16 x 25 cm

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some NEW old stock of the 1876 DIsston Catalogue reprint. The one in the pictures is mine. The one you're buying is the same, I just didn't want to crack the spine to take pictures. If you have questions let me know.

The over all quality including printing is much higher then average reprints done by clubs and organization. I would guess it's 70+ pound sheet for the body and 100 pound or better cover. I took a few random pictures from inside. The catalogue describes their complete line of circular, crosscut and handsaws. Also saw-sharpening and setting equipment and tools, special knives, brick trowels, try squares, bevels, marking gauges, levels.

This Catalogue features many of the early DIsston saws not found in the later and more popular Catalogues of the 1900 such as the 200 series and other specialty saws and tools.

ALSO INCLUDED: is a removable card (see pictures) From has a picture of Henry Disston and the back includes noteworthy history history. If you're a fan of earlier Disston saws including the 200 series of cone nut and custom etch saws this is the book for you as they are NOT covered in the later 1919 reprints.

If interested in multiple copies please contact me for better pricing